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Lauren Burch is a famous Canadian TikToker

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Shore Thang Models, Lauren Burch, and TikTok

When Shore Thang began in 2018, TikTok was not very popular. Around the time Lauren Burch joined the company, at the end of 2019, early social media adopters began posting to TikTok more and more. By the time quarantine was upon the world, TikTok seemed to genuinely take off around the world. The rise of TikTok worldwide, coincided with the rise of Lauren Burch, and her unique sense of style. So far, Lauren remains the most social media famous model who started with Shore Thang.

Lauren Burch shares her love of gaming with her devoted followers.


Lauren an avid gamer, incorporates gaming into her character creation. Lauren streams live on Twitch for her fans to interact with while gaming. Lauren Burch really gets into character when she lives streams her gaming. Lauren Burch fully integrates her Egirl aesthetic into her gaming streams on Twitch. Her fans are treated to an anime girl cosplay, which she creates on her own. To a full on Egirl, whose look Lauren curates. The makeup looks that Lauren creates when she gets into character are shared in step by step makeup tutorials. Furthermore, Lauren shares detailed makeup techniques and tips that give her fans a glimpse of the behind the scenes preparation that goes into each look that she creates. Moreover, the painstaking details that go into her character creation are shared by Lauren with her fans, helping to bring them closer together. Like the community of gamers that play together virtually, during Lauren’s live gaming streams, a sense of camaraderie exists between Lauren and her fans. Lauren also shows how she goes about her typical day. From the healthy, vegan lunch that she prepares her self,  with a step by step demonstration. To all the ingredients that she uses to prepare the dishes that she cooks. Moreover, Lauren shows her set up for her gaming live stream on Twitch. Next up is how she gets ready to game.


Lauren shares which outfit she chooses for the days gaming stream. Creating the Egirl look that she will wear for her gaming stream, Lauren puts on a pleated, flirty short mini skirt and pairs it with a gaming shirt. Next up is a step by step tutorial on how she does her hair in an anime girl style. For the upcoming gaming stream, Lauren wears her long pink tipped blond hair down. Her long  white blond hair tipped in pink resembles cherry blossoms in the snow. This hairstyle is further integrated into her Japanese anime inspired look. Lauren’s character development and looks are always unique. Lauren completes her character with a unique Egirl look. Lauren shares her make-up tutorial with her subscribers. With detailed instructions on makeup application techniques to achieve this look to the specific products she uses, Lauren fully curates her look. With her character fully complete, Lauren Burch emerges as the fantasy Egirl of your dreams ready to live stream her gaming to her fans.

Thanks to the Burch Twins, specifically Lauren Burch — Julia Burch is her twin sister — try-on hauls have become integral to brands' marketing strategies, driving sales and brand awareness in an oversaturated digital landscape.

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